About us

Altreforme has been working in the field of research and production of contemporary art since 2002, collaborating with museums and foundations and organizing artistic events. In 2008 Altreforme also started to work in the field of audiovisual production, with particular attention to issues concerning culture, art, history and literature.


After graduating in Philosophy, she dedicated herself to the organization of artistic events, educational and didactic activities of art education, collaborating with museums and public and private institutions. In 2005 she began to curate and produce documentaries in the cultural field. She has been a member of Altreforme since 2002.


A graduate in Economics and Management for Art in Milan, she has been active in the field of contemporary visual arts since 2009, working with both emerging and internationally established artists first at the institutional level and then in the nonprofit sector. She believes in networked artistic production that has a transformative impact in terms of experiential, educational, urban regeneration and social inclusion.


After graduating in architecture at the IUAV in Venice and obtaining the International Certificate of Human Ecology of the University of Padua, worked as an architect, educator and popularizer of sustainability issues. Having completed his activity as an architect, with Altreforme he deals with training projects in the use of video and photography and the production of documentaries.