Mind the gap – Fourth Edition

Caterina Morigi, Trama
Ulla Rauter, Glissando
Debora Vrizzi, Out of Order (Angela)

Curated by Giada Centazzo, Bruno Di Marino, Rachele D’Osualdo

Gorizia / 7 April – 1 May 2021

The fourth edition of Mind the gap comprises an exhibition, a conference in Gorizia and a series of workshops, launches and presentations. The core of the project is the topic of the limen, a border that is not a limit but a threshold. The concept was dear to Basaglia, whose medical and intellectual thought moved across the uncertain borders of psychiatry: a very complex form of knowledge, constantly opening up to theoretical and practical questions, as well as psychiatric, philosophical, social and cultural ones. By embracing the theory of the border, the invited artists question the threshold established at the verge of the question What is an ‘individual’? What is a ‘body’?, between nature and culture.

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