Rete d’impresa IAN

Altreforme is part of IAN – Industrie Audiovisive Nord-Est, a project supported by the regional contribution L.R. 4/2013 as part of the incentives for network aggregation projects.

IAN is a business network that was born from the will of a group of seven companies belonging to the world of audiovisual, film and television production located in the Friuli area between the provinces of Pordenone and Udine.

Speed ​​of response to the market, quality level of products and audiovisual solutions, technical know-how, creativity, passion and expertise, constant updating: these are all elements that unite the partners of the IAN network.

The seven companies of the group are heterogeneous from each other because, while working within the same sector, they have unique and different specializations: from photography to documentaries, from equipment rental to television production through aerial shooting with drones. All of this leads them to be a point of reference and therefore to collaborations not only with large multinational companies but also with national and foreign producers and directors.

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