Exquisite corpse

A Hitchcockian mystery novel, in which the protagonist’s certainties crumble into a spiral of anguished flashbacks from a dark past.

Nicola Maria Sadler, called Niki, is a successful man. A little over forty years old, he is considered a magician of communication and advertising. Colleagues and rivals admire it. They consider him a genius. They envy him. Even private life is booming. Ever since he met Dora, a ten years younger and beautiful painter. And Dora is now gone. Niki doesn’t remember anything about what happened, he doesn’t know why she left and when. What happened so horrible that it was erased from his mind? Can a murder be removed?

Booktrailer, 1′ 50″, Italy
Status: completed (2013)

Cortinametraggio, 2014 / Audience Award

Director: Remigio Guadagnini
Script: Luigi Carletti
Storyboard and animation: Remigio Guadagnini

Production: Altreforme