He investigated where nobody ever managed to do it. He has discovered what is not to be discovered. Now Agent Kasper has to die.

Agent Kasper, a former carabiniere who entered the secret services, tells his incredible story: someone kidnapped and imprisoned him, for thirteen very long months, in a Cambodian concentration camp. They attempted to make him disappear into thin air, he and the result of his investigation into the millions of fake dollars printed outside the United States. Code name: “Supernotes”. A secret you can die for. Or worse, end up in hell.

Booktrailer, 1′ 35″, Italy
Status: completed (2014)

Cortinametraggio, 2015

Director: Remigio Guadagnini
Script: Luigi Carletti
Storyboard and animation: Remigio Guadagnini

Production: Altreforme