No distinguishing marks

The story of Federico Tavan, one of the most important poets of contemporary Friulian poetry, a poet whose wonderful impetuous and rebellious verses are appreciated far and wide – even outside Italy.

«I used to write in Italian because the teachers where we went to school in Andreis used to hit us and tell us that to speak our own language was a sin and that we’d go to hell if we did […]. Then I began to write in Andreano: Andreano is a beautiful language, brimming with honey […]. Not know the Italian I only know sixty words and have to go down to Montereale to reaquaint myself with them; the last time it was “ossimoro” (oximoron) but I’ve already forgotten what it means. Until a few years ago, I wrote poems nude in front of the mirror. I filled drawers and pockets with my poems. Then, thanks to a few kind souls, I got them published. I continued because winter nights in Andreis are long and cold […] I write becuase I like words: tree, dog, bean, pumpkin … recently words, I could eat».

Documentary, 85 min, Italy
Status: completed (2010)

Director, DOP, editor: Paolo Comuzzi
Assistant director: Andrea Trangoni
Script and interviews: Augusta Eniti
Screenplay: Paolo Comuzzi and Augusta Eniti
Soundtrack: Massimo Toniutti
Voice over: Luca Della Bianca and Fabian Riz

Production: Altreforme

Supported by: Fondo per l’Audiovisivo del Friuli Venezia Giulia, Rai Sede di Trieste, ARLeF