Our Wall

A multidisciplinary project that involved 41 students in all stages of realisation.

The school-work alternation project Our Wall saw the creation of two artistic products: the pictorial decoration, or mural, which is located at the entrance of the Liceo Caterina Percoto headquarters, and a video documenting all the operational phases, from the research at implementation.

The project involved 41 students from different classes, divided into four main groups: Painting, Video, Music and Communication.

A school-work alternation project by Liceo Percoto, in collaboration with Altreforme.

Audiovisual training: Andrea Trincardi and Remigio Guadagnini (Altreforme)

Teachers involved: Anna Pontel, Marco Querzola, Michele Penz and Chiara Tempo

Project partner: Altreforme

In collaboration with: Digital Storytelling Lab of Udine University, Casa Cavazzini, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Udine