The thin line

Two stories intertweave and tell of two wars of the early nineties, through the narrative voices of Michele Patruno, a former soldier on a peace mission in Somalia and Bakira Haseòić, a woman who survived the violence of the war in the former Yugoslavia.

Michele was in Somalia between 1992 and 1994 as a draft military man in the UN humanitarian operation in Somalia. Even today the images and the memory of the violence against Somali civilians, of which he was a witness as well as protagonist in the group’s dynamics, are vivid in his mind. In his words emerges the personal journey towards awareness of what has been accomplished, through the comparison with former colleagues and the photos taken at the time.

Bakira was among the first Bosnian women to report rape. Twenty years after the end of the conflict, his commitment, together with that of other women, continues to clash with the circumvention of what happened and the fragility of the law in the face of the violence suffered. The spectator follows Bakira on his double journey: the one by car to Visegrad, the city of horrors and the hushed genocide, and the inner emotional one, still poised between a thirst for justice and revenge.

Documentary, 90 min, Italy/Croatia
Status: completed (2015)

Liburnia Film Festival, 2016 / Audience Award
Asti Film Festival, 2016 / Audience Award
Visioni dal mondo, 2015

Directors: Nina Mimica and Paola Sangiovanni
Cast: Michele Patruno, Bakira Haseòić, Andrea Evangelisti
Produced by: Marco Visalberghi (DocLab), Augusta Eniti (Altreforme), Dijana Mladenović (Kinematograf)
DOP: Eleonora Patriarca, Faris Dobraòa
Editing: Ilaria Fraioli
Sountrack: Damir Avdić

Production: DocLab, Rai Cinema, Altreforme, Kinematograf

Supported by: Fondo per l’Audiovisivo del Friuli Venezia Giulia, MiBACT

Under the patronage of: Amnesty International